I had finished this some weeks back….As a matter of fact it was part of a slideshow at Animae Caribe Jamaica. I had tried to convince myself that it wasn’t finished. I wanted to add a few tourists, a smoking bus driver and a lazy mongrel sitting around. However, after all the time that has passed, I just decided to make the decision to call it DONE.

You know how we artists are, we will work on something for months trying to tweak and fix and fill in, all in an attempt to achieve our vision of “perfection”. Looking at it now, maybe there are a few things I would have done differently…but meh…Maybe sometime in the near future I will do my additions, but for now, it is finished!

I have lots of other things to do. I have my animation project to continue working on, (One last character to be done (post coming up soon)), a script to solidify (again), and paying work that I HAVE to do to in order to pay my bills. (Dolla Dolla billz y’all).

So stay tuned further and feel free to ask any questions regarding the process on Jolly Bus.

C. Singer

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