Wow..I have been SCARCE!!!
Don’t worry, I haven’t fallen off the planet or anything. I have just been incredibly busy. I was doing a flow commercial, trying to help get an animation festival going (which didn’t happen…but hopefully, still will), had to go to Montego Bay for a few days where I was SUPPOSED to meet with a high-ranking official (that never happened either).
Sidenote: It is amazing, that even with Jampro and Film Jamaica backing us since day one, other sponsors have been slow in coming on board. :/ *sigh* Jamaica Land we love.
Also, on top of ALL that not-happenning-ness, I missed the opportunity to go to Animae Caribe…. AGAIN!! My projects have all gotten stalled, my uncle is pissed at me for not editing vacation footage for him from over a year ago and all manner of such delights.
But in the midst of all this turmoil…a silver lining…I saved up another batch of pence and UPGRADED MY SYSTEM!!!!
Now, part of the reason for me shifting my focus from my projects was because I realized that I needed WAY more fire-power than I had going for me all this time. My projects were requiring more processing power than was available, resulting in lots of lagging, freezing and outright crashing! Especially my Boris rig. The Maya Muscle system was raping the processor and memory sideways! I had to turn off most of the stuff that made the rig move better, just to get the thing to even move!
SO!…I got a new processor, WAY more memory and and new Motherboard.

NOW…I am not going to get into any detailed specs, because I suspect that somewhere lurking, is one of those know-it-all computer nerds….you know, the one that NEVER has ANYTHING good to say about ANYTHING tech that you buy. No matter what you get, it’s always the wrong one or it’s no good…*sigh*
All I will say is that I now have a bigger better processor at 3.4Ghz and 16 Gigs of 1600 Mhz RAM…Up from my Intel Core2 Duo and my 4Gigs of 600Mhz RAM…
Now, there is no more lag in my Boris rig, and I can see myself animating and keyframing my characters fluidly…WooHOOO!!! *HIGH FIVE!!*
So…Hopfully I can have an animation to send in to Animae Caribe next year 😀


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