State of the Jamaican Animation Industry Report

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to once again attend the Animae Caribe Animation festival in Trinidad. It was a fun week of screenings, workshops, bootcamps and camaraderie amongst animation aficionados. A few things happened: 1: I was voted in as the New President of ASIFA Caribbean. This is a HUGE deal. I have […]

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Skill Transcends Software

Today, I am going to take you on a journey; an embarrassing journey. Embarrassing for me mostly…and probably entertaining for you. I found some of my old 3D models and decided to share my 3D modeling journey in all its misaligned polygonal horror and glory. I am self taught, which means I probably did everything […]

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The Story of a Little Robot

Now I know I am overdue my review of Animae Caribe…yes, I know that was months ago…yes…I know I am procrastinating….SHUSH! This post has robots in it so I am doing this first! (priorities, right?) One morning, I woke up with a brilliant idea. I will design and 3D print a robot and wire it […]

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Presenting at Animae Caribe 2014

Over the past year, much has taken place. It has been a year of working behind-the-scenes, founding, incorporating and launching Jamaica’s first Animation Association, J.A.N.N. (of which I am now Chairman), along with Kevin Jackson (now the President) Tanya Davies, D’Oyen Williams and Roger Davis serving as the executive board.  It has been many hours […]

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3D Printed Character Awesomeness

I have been scarce…I am aware of that. Much has been happening. I am quite busy with the Animation Association and various things I have to do here and there. However, I did finally manage to print Boris. Ok…let’s start from the beginning. Boris is a character from an animated short I have been working […]

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