Looking Back, Looking In, Looking, Out, Looking Forward

I think, that as creatives we all go through the same undulating cycle of drive and doubt. One minute we are struck with a bolt of inspiration that powers us into our next project…and then, for no reason, we slip into this pit of depression and self-doubt. (I know there will be at least one […]

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Musical Interlude

So here I am, trying to put together the first two minutes of my short to show my Kittian compadre, Dele Adams, what his voicework looks like with Boris. I was excited as I stitched the existing scenes together…then I did a runthrough….but something was missing….just watching the clip and hearing the voices seemed….incomplete…there was […]

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A Post of Things Pink and Blue

James Parris and Kristen Solid attended Animae Caribe Jamaica to share their experience and knowledge with us. It was a fantastic opportunity for everyone in attendance. Good times…Goood times! James himself is of Caribbean parentage, so that made him especially interesting to everyone at Animae Caribe Jamaica. For anyone who is curious, check out his impressive […]

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Mr John Crow: A project update

As I was going back and forth through frames on one of the dialogues for Mr. Crow, I took a particular liking for this screenshot….Mr. John Crow, the hand of death,  though undead, is pondering over a human skull as if pondering his own mortality…or immortality as it were, as if reminiscing on a life […]

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MICHAEL the Minivan

Greetings, Today, let’s use our Imaginations. Take a deep breath and Imagine the following scenario if you will. You’ve just come home and there is a note stuck to the refrigerator. On the scrap paper is scribbled the following note: “Hello Dear, I’ve gone out for the evening and will be back later tonight. I’ll […]

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So a few jobs have come and gone since my last post, and every now and then I get an opportunity to get back into the project. I have done a few “upgrades” to Boris and plan a redo for Akoulah’s dress…of course, that is for another post. One of the things I have to […]



I had finished this some weeks back….As a matter of fact it was part of a slideshow at Animae Caribe Jamaica. I had tried to convince myself that it wasn’t finished. I wanted to add a few tourists, a smoking bus driver and a lazy mongrel sitting around. However, after all the time that has […]