3D Printed Character Awesomeness

I have been scarce…I am aware of that. Much has been happening. I am quite busy with the Animation Association and various things I have to do here and there. However, I did finally manage to print Boris.
Ok…let’s start from the beginning. Boris is a character from an animated short I have been working on for the past 3 or so years, on and off. See more on him here. The short is nowhere near finished, but I am trying to get the “umph” I need to get back at it. (I see you glaring at me Dele Adams…Dele Adams is the voice of Boris) The model of Boris was the first thing I ever uploaded to Shapeways. The first version was 10inches tall…but cost way too much for me to print at that size. I did an 8inch version and a 5 inch version, and figured that a 5 inch tall Boris would be good enough to start with…If I had any spare cash lying around. 

It just so happens that I won some money from Shapeways for entering and winning their “Shapeways Olympics” contest. I won first place for my modular award design and $100 store credit. So I took that money and finally printed Boris in Strong White and Flexible. 

All the extra bits and bobs
All the extra bits and bobs
Dat ass >_>
Dat ass >_>
Dat tail...is holding him up
Dat tail…is holding him up


The WSF material is indeed strong and flexible…The ears are pretty thin but flex and don’t break. His tail has some give to it as well. This material is hardy and durable indeed. It is so strange and amazing to see this guy hulking around on my desk. I plan on painting him, but figured I would share the “before” pics now. It will be nice to carry him around to presentations and show people what I do, by offering them something they can hold in their hand. It’s not just pixels and polygons in dataspace, but a tangible figure, something that everyday people can better relate to.

Boris is not something I plan on selling….not yet anyway. I may, in the future, make smaller versions to sell to support the making of the short. Hopefully one day I will get a 8 or 10 inch Boris to stand menacingly on my table >:3




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