A Post of Things Pink and Blue

James Parris and Kristen Solid attended Animae Caribe Jamaica to share their experience and knowledge with us. It was a fantastic opportunity for everyone in attendance. Good times…Goood times!

James himself is of Caribbean parentage, so that made him especially interesting to everyone at Animae Caribe Jamaica.
For anyone who is curious, check out his impressive imdb HERE

Well as it turns out, James Parris began working on a project called “Pink and Blue”. (Camille Abrahams was kind enough to post the link to his kickstarter page.) 

Pink and Blue basically explores how Kids receive un-equal gender-related messages from the adults around them. These messages can be as simple as the toys we assign to boys and Girls. The story examines the dynamics of gender-segregation from a toy’s-eye-view.

There is actually a long story behind this and how I got into wanting to do 3D animation. I’ll tell you guys one day, but it involves digging up a toy dinosaur :p

You can read more about Pink and blue HERE

So, I have been following along the production process since it was on Kickstarter, and have been  looking out for the latest post to see what James and his team have been up to. For example, I learned some interesting things about lighting from his video blogs.

You can read the production-blog HERE

Back in June, James had written up that he was looking for modelers and VFX people to help out on the post production end. Now, I didn’t even bother to “nuff-up” or “hype up” myself and offer my services, cuz I think I suck  in comparison to the awesomeness I have seen on places like, CGTalk and the interwebs in general, that make me look like I’m not even trying. I also remember that a year ago, a certain Rhythm and Hues animator told me that my work would not pass her studio door *sad-face* (hey, she was being honest) …so I kept my yap shut and moseyed along with my life.

However, a month or so later, James himself wrote me directly out of the blue and asked if I wanted to help out on his project. I was a bit surprised, but excited at the prospect and humbly accepted…Actually I acted like a giddy schoolgirl and squealed excitedly…but…Shhhhhhhhhh *looks around suspiciously*.

Anyways, I was willing to give it a shot! I’ve never worked on a production like this, so, I take it as an amazing opportunity to learn and challenge myself.
And SUPER YAYNESS!…I got the cool Robot to do.  Y’all know how I feel about robots!  😀

So, James sent me a starter kit for “BlueBot” with concept art and sketches, and I got to work, pushing polygons, pulling vertices and beveling edges. And voila! Blue-Bot! You can see the resulting model  in the short vid below.

Overall, James is a pretty cool guy. He’s really laid back and down to earth and just an overall fun person. He makes the whole process fun and that is important. He’s great to work with. (Believe me, I’m not just saying that)

Currently I am working on an arm-cannon for Blue-Bot. It’s a great break from seeing green trolls and undead skeleton men all day. Trust me, it can get repetitive.  I’ll keep you posted on this and more as it progresses. Big shout-out to James Parris, Camille Selvon Abrahams and Animae Caribe. 


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  1. Thalia in Jamaica says:

    As an IT/ Computer Science high school teacher at a girls’ school, a Jamaican, a mommie to a not girlie-girl and a fellow audience member at last year’s Animae Caribe Jamaica (who has been chafing at the bits waiting for this year’s installment) – I wanna say thanks for taking on the challenge.

    I wish you heaping success and we squeal excitedly for you too. Blessings..

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