Mr John Crow: A project update

As I was going back and forth through frames on one of the dialogues for Mr. Crow, I took a particular liking for this screenshot….Mr. John Crow, the hand of death,  though undead, is pondering over a human skull as if pondering his own mortality…or immortality as it were, as if reminiscing on a life gone past, some long forgotten thing……

Then I remembered my blog…

I have been ignoring it lately. It seems that there are not enough hours in the day sometimes, and other jobs have been keeping me from pressing forward. (Cash money y’all) I have recorded all of Mr. Crow’s dialogue for the first scene. It was easy to do, seeing as I am doing his voice *giggles*
I have yet to get the voices recorded for Boris (hence the pause on his animation) and Akoulah. Everyone is busy, so I have to wait patiently. In the meanwhile, I trudge along on Mr. Crow, taking breaks to play Minecraft……What? there is only so much one can take of staring at an undead preacher.
Oh yes, I have other work I SHOULD be doing instead of writing this.
Also…..I may have been wrangled in to work on another secret project…not my project….not even a local project….But I shan’t worry your heads with all that….>:)
Until my next update.

P.S. If you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end…don’t worry….it’s probably Mr. Crow reading your text messages from over your shoulder >:)

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