MICHAEL the Minivan


Today, let’s use our Imaginations. Take a deep breath and Imagine the following scenario if you will.
You’ve just come home and there is a note stuck to the refrigerator. On the scrap paper is scribbled the following note:

“Hello Dear,
I’ve gone out for the evening and will be back later tonight.
I’ll bring pizza when I get in : )
Could you please take out the garbage and replace the bulb in
the dining-room?
Also, could you feed Michael. I know he’s going to be extra hungry
and probably very grumpy by the time you get in.
I know I usually feed him, but I couldn’t wait around until the time.
So please be a dear and just toss him something to eat.

Hugs and kisses
P.S. Be careful”

It seems like a simple enough chore….except for one big problem…..

This, is Michael:

He’s an angry, (possibly) Demon-possessed, gas-guzzling minivan that’s been left in the garage to be up to his own devices. Last week the neighbor’s dog went missing and you couldn’t help but notice the shredded pink dog collar stuck between Michael’s teeth. Then there was the time he parked himself in the living-room to watch the CSI marathon and chew on the couch. You still do not know how he got in the doors.
Also, he doesn’t like you…at all…and the only person who can control him is out.

What would you do?

OK OK…Scenario over.
I have been in New York for the past three weeks and have not been able to do much more progress on my characters. Mostly what they need is texturing, and I do not have my trusty wacom with me to do any painting. So I have been modeling.

How did “Michael” come about you ask?
Well….My Uncle had to take one of his cars into the garage and since the insurance company makes allowances for a rental … he got a minivan, so we could drive him around while he relaxed. It was a 2012 Chrystler Town and Country…Now Minivans are usually boring, but this one was AWESOME…It had all leather interior, two DVD screens in the back with wireless headsets, and reclining cozy seats in the cabin….the works. Also, it drove so beautifully. It was quite fast… a veritable beast….but sadly, drank gas like a mofo.
I liked it so much that one day I just blurted out to my brother that we should name it. Ten seconds later, I named it “Michael”.

What? I name cars….deal with it.

Immediately, my mind began creating this sort of persona for this automobile (I’m TOTALLY normal….for an animator) and began imagining how I would go about modeling it and rendering it to represent the persona I had imagined.

Anyways, I had great times driving Michael along the 495 as I drove my Uncle to work. My Mum and Uncle sat in the back watching Bette Davis movies. I chillaxed as we waited and cozied up on the reclining leather seats.
Sadly, the day came when we had to give Michael back…he was a thirsty bastard (3.6 litre V6 will take your money yo)….I was sad.
So I modeled a Town and Country to forever hold on to the memory of Michael.
Then I bastardized it, because I’m a twisted weirdo.
I had done something like this to an Image of a Lada some while back. It was a photomanipulation for a group I joined on facebook. Everyone else was putting, rims, body kits and all that swag…as usual, I made a hard left and did the image below :p  












I wanted the challenge of doing the same thing, but in 3D….It was quite fun : )

Anywhoo…That’s the story of Michael.
I’m not finished with it as yet, but this is as far as I can go without my trusty Wacom. 

And sweet dreams >:)

P.S…I am thinking of starting a series of images like these, but with various cars. What do y’all think?

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