So I finally got around to finish MOST of the texturing on the country bus. Now…it still isn’t finished…
1. I want to add fruits, veggies and sacks and “crokus bags” (or however it’s spelled) on  the roof of the bus where they’d usually be stored and carried.
2. I still need to work on the tires
3. need to put a “smear map” on the glass.
4. I may put seats in the bus…MAY…
5. Then I want to put it into a scene.
6. Also, there’s the “out-of-left-field” thing I want to do. *whistle whistle*
So much work, and I can’t seem to finish it all now. Oh well, at least I am that much closer. I think it’s a great addition to my portfolio, so I am glad to put the work in.
Stay tuned and enjoy!






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