Now, I’ve been pretty busy TRYING to get this animated short project going so, ppl have been on their own. Now, on a facebook 3D community page, it was great to see that someone had suggested creating a monthly modeling  challenge….so the first challenge was “Jolly Bus”.
Basically it was to do a 3D model of the iconic Jamaican country bus…an antiquated, vehicular beast of burden, usually haphazardly painted and sometimes given a name, a staple for those heading to town from country, carrying their farm produce to market. Very few of these still exist today as most have just fallen to disrepair, a sign of the changing times. A typical “country bus” would look like this:

Now, this isn’t my photo…it was stolen from somewhere off the internets :/ LINK
Apparently, Chukka Cove has tours in this thing *cue eyeroll and facepalm*
ANYWHOO. After seeing a few chaps excitedly begin modeling away, I decided to join in a challenge myself as well. I don’t really do much hard surface and also wanted the challenge of texturing my creation with dirtmaps…something I’ve never done before. PLUS…It would be something to add to my portfolio 😀
The results of my model are as follows:

Now, I have spent most of the weekend working on UVing some of the pieces and painting textures. It is VERY time consuming and sometimes frustrating. Figuring out HOW to join up the different texture maps into which nodes is an exercise in patience and tenacity. I have not yet finished, but here is the result of my texturing process thus far:

Basically I have only rendered the bits that have materials assigned to them up to this point. I am trying my best to make the bus look a bit knackered. I need to perfect the lighting arrangement to get it right. But I am happy with the progress so far….
ALSO…I have further plans for this bus that will make a final image that will be so far out of left field that you may question my sanity, or what I may be snorting….MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA >:)

I hope.



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