MOLLY: The Rig

So I think I’m finally finished with the rig for Molly. Just a few more minor tweaks and I’m DONE.
Usually I do a face test with lip sync, but I do not yet have a “voice” for her. I need someone who can do a child REALLY well.
Maybe I’ll do a stand in voice but eh…
In the mean while here is a look at the face rig and a mini-tutorial for her hand rig that I figured out on my own.

Maybe I will post a video about HOW to connect the control curves of the face rig to the blendshapes, but that will be another day.
Anyway, hoping to see whether ppl will be inspired to do some rigging of their own and move out into character animation, and that this vid can help in some small way even.
Till next time.



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  1. Craig says:

    wow…. is it possible for you to do a tutorial about facial rigging? this rig is pretty advanced

    1. I owe my brother money. He told me I should have done that :p
      Sure thing…as soon as I get the time…I may not show the whole rig, but just how to hook up the blendshapes 🙂

  2. Craig says:

    What are blend shapes? D: and why not the whole rig 😦 it’d be really helpful! [im still new at maya + im incapable of tryin most things without crashing….old machine is old]


      That page has some good beginner points for rigging, definitions and the sort.

  3. Good God…You have NO idea of how awesome I think you’re abilities are. GO RETTA

    1. Thanks Dele :3 ❤ ❤ ❤

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