MOLLY: Face Fixes

So I have realized one thing about making a child character: the potential for it to look creepy as hell once you rig the face and start morphing between blendshapes.
I had a whole lot of tweaking to do one the skin weights as well to make the blendshapes for the face mesh well and not distort the face to epicly creepy proportions.
Then, there was this:

There is something wrong here. Can’t see it? Something making this face look creepy…Still don’t see it?
It’s her teeth. There are WAY too many for a child.
I was staring at her creepy smile for a long time. I knew something was wrong, but it took me a while to realize what it was.
I had copied and pasted the teeth from the previous characters and made a few changes here and there. Alas, I forgot about the fact that children have much less teeth than adults.
So I went and Googled for the layout of children’s teeth and made the necessary fixes.
The result:

Proper Colgate smile. Now, it actually looks a hell of a lot better. I also tried to make her teeth look more “real” by making each one unique and offsetting the symmetry. Look at your own teeth, I guarantee they ain’t all straight as a ruler. A small thing, but a BIG difference.
I posted this to highlight the importance of anatomical knowledge. even if your character is “cartoony”, it’s the mimicry of basic reality that makes it more believable.


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