*cue lightning*

Ok, so It’s not technically alive…but it is complete!
Late Friday night, I tarried on into the wee hours of Saturday morning and completed the papercraft Optimus Prime head, marking exactly one week since starting.
It’s almost sad in a way…I had such fun putting it together, and looking at it now, I am pleased with the final result. Before me is this  sculpture of an Iconic character…made entirely of paper, glue and printer ink.
I suppose one might say: “Great, now do the body” Because believe it or not…the pattern for the entire body is there, on the papercraft site waiting to be tackled. However, I have the issue of finding storage for the gargantuan creation should I attempt it.

I think I will touch up a few areas with paint..maybe.
So here is the gallery with the completed head. Next it will be back to completing Molly. I think I have rested my eyes from the computer long enough.
Thanks to all who have been following along this journey. Stay tuned, I’m sure there will be lots more 🙂

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