Sorry I took so long to post this…but today was a busy day. I couldn’t upload the stuff from Wednesday night :/
I had a commercial to finish tweaking and a load of errands to run….Not to Mention that I got dragged out to a Tech confrence at like, the last minute….Which left me no time to post up the blog and no time to get much done for the following part as well…I kid you not, Today I literally took ONE photo update and that was just of the dry-fitted section of the antennae / blades / whatever they are.


But still…This is where I was:

I decided to resurrect my paints….I was getting REALLY annoyed by the raw edges on the paper.

Painted just the top of his head…Looks a lot better to me….Those raw edges were getting out of hand. Next I moved on to the Antennae bits….Check out one of the pieces I had to fold up:

Like…Are you kidding me?…Why is this even there? I think it was put there JUST to create an extra challenge….Or the guy that made this papercraft pattern is a sadist. Does that make me a masochist for doing it anyway? :/
ANYWAY…On with the show:

And this  pic is all I managed to do today:

Yeah …Doing this during the week is seriously killing my momentum….But Alas…The whole point of a “Boredom Buster project” is to thwart Boredom…Boredom comes from having nothing to do…and, as it turns out…I have LOTS to do :/
Yes…..I wear Glasses….But not all the time. 🙂
Anyways…I’ll keep you posted.


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