So yesterday I didn’t get much done. I had a lot of work to do….you know…PAYING work.
So I had to prioritize. I was even cutting out bits during a skype meeting with some designers *snicker…giggle*

SO…Where was I? Oh yes..I was here:

So yesterday. I decided to tackle the very tiny blue vents on the side of his head. So..I started cutting:

Now….The vent pieces are tiny….As you can clearly see. So it’s very hard manipulating them and folding them, and even harder to place them in the small recess they are to be placed. So I had to resort to this:

Tweezers!!…Like I was doing surgery! So after 30minutes of some careful tweaking. I got them in….sheesh!
Then I moved on to the two extra blue plates on his face:

SUPER…Now to cover those white gaps on the head:

NICE…So now the only thing that is missing are his trademark…antennae…horns…blades…whatever on either side of his head. I do believe that each one is made up of around four to five pieces…which I will attempt to tackle today…IF I have the time.
So that’s it for now…Stay tuned! 🙂


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