*YAWN*! What a gloomy, rainy day. I went to bed late last night….mind out of the gutter please…I went to bed late cuz I was cutting and gluing of course.

ANYWHOO-DI-HOOO…Where were we?
Oh yes…..Here:

So we need to fill in those missing chunks on either side of his head.
Now to find those pieces…..
ah…Here we go:

SUPER….And those parts were not so tough.
NEXT!!! The little “sun-visor-thingies” Over his eyes:

As small as those parts were, it wasn’t that bad to put together.
UNLIKE the next pieces:

TABS!!!…lots of them!
I hate tabs….so many of them and you have to cut around each individual one! This is where the nimble Xacto blade comes in REALLY handy. And trust me…there are MANY bits in this project that have those tabs…..Grrrrrr.

YAH!…The tabs are THAT tiny…That strip of paper look like a forty leg….actually it’s a sixty leg…cuz that’s how many tabs there are…Yes, I counted. -_-
Usually those tabby bits are for any cylindrical objects.
Like so:

On to the Next bit! :

Hey it’s a mysterious object with cybertronian jibberish on it!…What could it mean?
It’s probably a swear word for all I know….or maybe it’s “Press here for skittles” πŸ˜€
or “Press here for (insert your dirty thought here…no?…Only I was thinking that?…damn…oh well)”….*whistle whistle*
Whatever it is…I hate it…cuz guess what?…It had another 60 tabs for me to cut around…grrrrrr

So on they go:

I may end up painting over the final thing, cuz those raw, white paper edges are annoying me.
Anyways…here’s the final thing for the night:

I added those two bits on the side of his head. The pieces are so small that I feel like it’s a sin to be documenting them all :p
ANYWAYS…Yessss..YESSSSS…My plan is coming along nicely…Muahahahahahahahahaaaaaa *rubs hands together*

So yes…I stopped there for the night. Hopefully I can get more done today, this cold, nice weather is making me feel like curling up in bed and sleeping. Maybe it would give my bruised and blistered fingers some rest…



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  1. Jay Bee says:

    Mwad…..He looks great so far ^_^

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