So Onward with my Boredom Buster project for the weekend…Even though I have work I am SUPPOSED to be doing…as per my doc’s orders, I should take the weekends off to do something NOT work related…everyone else does, so why shouldn’t I? I’m not a robot after all. (see what i did there?)
It is such a delight to do something that does not involve me staring at the computer all day….well except the glancing back and forth at the online instructions. :p
So the night before, this is where I was:

I began looking at it yesterday morning and my OCD got the best of me. I ripped the face section apart and started over:

I felt a lot better with the result. the lines looked cleaner and the pieces fit together MUCH better. Hey I figure if it’s worth doing…it’s worth doing RIGHT….Besides, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t have Optimus’ face done properly. So I moved on to the nose bits:

And in case you are wondering how small these particular pieces are:

It does not help that I don’t have the most svelte fingers , so manipulating the tiny tabs gets awkward at times. The eyes were especially troublesome….the tabs were tiiiiiiinnnny.

The eyes were made up of four pieces…TRUST me, tweezers are yer best friend when it comes to these small pieces. Now…These next pieces were like manipulating limp spaghetti. They are supposed to be O.P’s Lids:

Next were the…um…I am guessing they are Air Vents on either side of his head…dunno if they are intake or Exhaust vents *shrug*
Maybe I’ll ask next time I see him.

Yes yes…at this point my desk is looking pretty dang messy. Also, by this time it was late at night. I just glued on the finished vents and made the three pieces for his chin.

Let me pause right here by saying, that if you are the kind of person, that does not like to spend time trying to figure things out….THIS. IS. NOT. THE. PROJECT. FOR. YOU!
This is hard, the instructions are vague at best  and some of the pieces look like Egyptian Heiroglyphics.

The comments on the papercraft website page for this particular project, consist of grown men not being able to figure out bits, like the chin…which I sorted just fine, thank you…(I’m awesome) But don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll have my ego deflated when I can’t figure some simple thing out later, and I’ll be looking at it for hours unable to make heads or tails of where the part is supposed to go.

Anyways…Last stage for the night:

As you can see , I was skype chatting in the background. NOW this paper sculpture is looking like Optimus Prime.  By this time, I was hammered with sleep, my eyes hurt from squinting and my fingers hurt from cutting all those tiny pieces with the Xacto knife. Time to stop!
But all in all, he’s coming along quite nicely. Let’s see what I can get done today.


P.S…..If you too would like to try your hand at papercraft…(Maybe something EASIER) Here is the Site:


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