So someone (Hi Ansar :D) all the way from Trinidad sent me a link to this papercraft site and the link to this AWESOME Optimus Prime Head.

When I just saw it, I was trying not to burst from the excitement. How could I NOT love this?

Art + Craft + Optimus Prime = EPIC WIN!!!

It took a while to get around to doing this, cuz I was working on commercial that was making me pull my hair out. (side eye of DOOM and loathing)
ANYWAYS…Moving along:

Now…The pattern comes on eight pages with over 80 pieces…some so small I question the sanity of taking on such a task.

Anywhoo…I like challenging, brain-tickling, convoluted things…hey, I did teach myself 3D animation after all…So, last night I sat up, with an Xacto knife, glue and my patience and started work on this project. I shall try to finish this over the weekend so I will keep y’all posted.


PS…Hail up to mi Trini Frenz…Big up yuhself…yuh dun know seh yuh large!  😀


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