Character #3: MOLLY (wip)

So I continue to trudge on with my characters. I’m now on to Character #3…a little girl named Molly. I should have been posting updates since I started her, but I’ve got too much stuff to do and too little time. So instead, I have compiled all that I have done so far into a sort of w.i.p. progress video. The narration is basically some of my musings and random thoughts on my experience with the process. enjoy the video and read the rest of the post after:

So…let’s recount…I have a monster, a strange forest-spirit-lady-thing…and now, a little girl…Wait…I can hear you guys thinking:

“Oh, it’s a story about a girl befriending a monster…aww how cute..”…..WRONG!!!!…that’s only PART of the story.

It’s a bit (or a lot) deeper than that. Molly basically does not feel like she “belongs” anywhere due to her mixed heritage and feels confused about the world and it’s ways…

It’s a touchy subject to put in an animation, something that people may have a gripe with, but it is something I wish to express MY feelings about FOR ONCE. It’s MY project, so naysayers, sod off!

Molly, as a child, is an ideal character to be a vehicle for such a matter…she represents innocence, someone who sees people for more than what is seen on the outside.

So anyway…where am I now with the process? I am still working on blendshapes…then I have to rig the face GUI and bind the rest of her body to the rest of the rig. Then sort out the cloth and dynamic bits. I’ll try to keep y’all posted…cheers 🙂


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  1. kevin says:

    nice coretta … wish i was at ur level

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