Introducing Character 1…Boris

So how did the idea for this particular animation project come about? Where does inspiration come from for such a task to even begin?
Answer….This Sketch:

This dreadful scan is of a face I doodled on the edge of a piece of paper I was using as a mousepad. I thought it was interesting and worth further development.
So I messed around with Corel Painter and this was born:

Obviously I never finished the entire image. But this was the first incarnation of “Boris”. Initially he was code named “the bouncer”, as he was a protector of the animals of the forest, and like a bouncer, would toss any hunters and riff raffs out of his forest.
I was so intrigued by the stories that came up in my head as I painted him, that I decided to see if I could actually model and rig him into an animated 3D character.
Now, for those of you who do 3D…you know organic characters are VERY difficult to do and even harder to do well…So for me this was a major challenge.
All of my attempts at organic characters in the past have failed miserably and often sent me back to the comfort of my robot characters…(YAY!!..No skinning!)
So after months and months of modeling, tweaking ,UV mapping and rigging…(I rigged him twice because the first time I didn’t rig him properly and he had no controls) also, this was the first time I EVER tackled Maya muscle…WOOT! …FINALLY Boris was born:

Yeah, the animation is pretty rough. But gimme a break…I do all this with no friggin help!
I did this a few months back, and looking at it now, I can see ALL the flaws. My good friend Dele Adams provided the voice…all the way from St. Kitts. It was also my first lip sync using a face GUI.
So Here he is…. Boris, rigged and ready to go.
I changed his name during the build to Boris…why?..I’ll tell you once I post Character 2 and then talk about West Indian Mythology 😉

So he is basically the character that got the entire story going. The story, which, I still have to finish writing the script for. It’s in my head, finalized, just not on paper.
And as a bonus, here is a final beauty render….I use the word “Beauty” loosely.



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