The Animation Project Begins

Well, here it is… my first post.

Firstly, introductions. I am C. Singer. I am a self taught 3D animator / 3D generalist. I have done several short animated films and with each one try to push myself further and further. I do not pretend to be the greatest animator…but I think i have some knowledge and insight to share with those who are seeking it and those willing to listen.

I have won awards in Trinidad and Tobago…had my animated shorts screened in Spain, Romania and on Nickelodeon in the USA.

On this blog I will be sharing the progress of an animation project I’m working on currently. It will be a short animated film, about 15 minutes in length done in 3D. I am sure there will be trials and triumphs along the way, and I am certain that they will be both informative and entertaining.
With this project I am hoping to create a place to share tips, techniques and most importantly, my own experiences  including unbiased and unhindered opinions of people and situations I encounter and how the industry is struggling to thrive on this small island. Stay tuned for the animation adventure.


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